Smart and Sustainable City Solutions

YouBe the Change is a registered urban sustainability consulting company targeting cities and villages that want to evolve into economic, environmental, social and societal sustainable hubs and models.
Our Mission
Assist municipalities’ development and improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.
Through a comprehensive study of the urban plan and our revolutionary diagnostic tool, we recommend an action plan to implement of sustainable development projects.
We accompany cities' dynamics to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants
Cities are the future.
By 2050, more than 66% of humanity will live in a city, compared to just over 50% today.
Rural exodus is increasing and cities need to adapt and plan their development accordingly.
Data is the future and already the present.
Our City Life Assessment Tool, or CLAT, is a new tool to evaluate the quality of life in a designated urban area.
It is the most advanced diagnostic analysis to-date.
We identify the optimum projects to implement in your municipality.
Each city proposal is unique as we offer tailored projects.
Those tangible initiatives will accelerate the improvement of the quality of life and ensure to be economically and environmentally sustainsable.
We work in Canada and France today.
The United Kingdom tomorrow.
Founded in 2016 in Canada following the emergence of the United Nations ‘Sustainable Developmental Goals’, the Paris Agreements at the COP21 and the inspiring growth of 1,200 pioneers 'cities in transition’ around the world.
We operate in a comprehensive and tailored way


Municipal Strategy Meeting


C.L.A.T. Diagnostic


Optimum Projects Proposal


Projects Follow-up

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