What we do?

1st Stage: Municipal Strategy

Understanding the municipality:
  • What do you look for in your urban development plan?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your opportunities and challenges?
In-the-field observations: based on our study of your documentation + the observations made by our team on the ground, we make our first SWOT of your municipality.

2nd Stage: the CLAT

We have developed our own evaluation method: the CLAT, to evaluate the quality of life in your city.
  • The CLAT or City Life Assessment Tool is a complex program in which you enter data, and by using cross-referencing, gives us a cartography of a designated urban area.
  • The CLAT has +250 indicators ranging from the energy mix, the sunlight index, the number and the types of trees, democratic data…
  • The CLAT is a diagnostic tool which gives you a state of affairs of the municipality + an analysis.
It is a results accelerator as it translates information into action plan recommendations.

3rd Stage: Action Plan Recommendations

Based on our evaluation tool and your SWOT, we present you a detailed analysis of your municipality.

We identify with you, through our interactive CLAT, in which areas you are performing well and in which areas improvements can be made.

We suggest areas to focus on, either to keep up the good work or tackle issues, by showing you which ones will have the greater impact on the quality of life of your inhabitants in the short, medium and long term.

Stage 4: Project suggestion and follow-up.

After targeting which areas need to be addressed first, we go even further by precisely recommending you on the optimum projects and how to put them in place.

We give you clear and precise example of projects to implement. We look at what has been done elsewhere and/or create new initiatives with you to continue improving the quality of life in your municipality.

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