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Urbanhood Improvement
Data is the future and already the present. Many organisations have clear and accurate information on cities (e.g. ISO 37120).
However, they remain at a pre-analytic phase.
YouBe transforms that data into action plan recommendations through our unique tool : the C.L.A.T.
The C.L.A.T. or City Life Assessment Tool is a complex program in which you enter data, and by using cross referencing, gives us a cartography of a designated urban area.
The C.L.A.T. has +250 indicators ranging from the energy mix, the sunlight index, the number and the types of trees, democratic data…
Working with you to find simple and effective solutions to improve the quality of life of your inhabitants.
Global vision, local implementation.
Tailored programs for each city.
Bottom-up & Grassroot.

How We Work

YouBe has an innovative, bottom-up and grassroot approach.
  • 1. We analyse the urban development plan, conduct an in-the-field observation and make a SWOT of the municipality
  • 2. We assess the quality of life of a designated urban area with our newly developed tool, the City Life Assessment Tool (CLAT).
  • 3. We target keys areas to pursue or encourage initiatives to be put in place
  • 4. We demonstrate what are the optimum projects to implement based on what is already in place and what are their investments and benefits.
We accompany municipalities to develop sustainably, respecting and exceeding the new targets set by the government, in a faster and safer way.


Municipal Strategy Meeting


C.L.A.T. Diagnostic


Optimum Projects Proposal


Projects Follow-up